The Prague Creative Centre established by Prague City Hall is the city’s living and creative laboratory that links active inhabitants, representatives of non-governmental organisations and the private sector with representatives of the public sector to allow them to discover innovative solutions for a creative city and have the output of their cooperation integrated in the urban development strategy.

Smart city center – sustainable development of the Prague center

The project objective is to create space for a conceptual, systematic cross-sectoral and public discussion and the exchange of know-how on revitalising historical city centers.

Support for cultural and creative sectors

For Prague, these sectors are an important resource in many areas; nevertheless, they continue not to be a target component of the city’s development. The ambition of the project is to create a tool for fostering the development of cultural and creative sectors in Prague.

Education, training, and personal development in the 21st century

Another priority is education using current topics and trends in the field of education and training, education and training toward active citizenship and democracy, participation in the creation and functioning of space, promotion of a creative approach to life, use of the human creative potential and, not least, charting new technologies and their impact on ordinary life.

2020 Objectives

Strengthen the brand of Prague as the cultural and creative leader of the Czech Republic and present Prague as a “smart” 21st century city and important partner for the cultural and creative industries.

Bring life back to the city center and offer the city’s residents and visitors and alternative to the predominant commercialization of the historical core.

Create new links between the city administration, academia, the non-profit sector and businesses not only in the creative sectors.