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PŘEDNÁŠKA| Science to Go

This edition of our usual programme will be special: all three of the presenting scientists are foreign collaborators at the Czech Academy of Sciences. And as such, their lectures will be in English.
These are their topics:

__The basics of machine learning and practical application of neural networks (Miloš Rankovič, ÚFCH JH AV ČR)__
The aim of this talk is to introduce a wider audience with the basic principles of machine learning. An implementation of the neural network for controlling an AI (artificial intelligence) in a simple computer game will be presented.

__Fluorescent DNA for diagnostics (Pedro Guixens, ÚOCHB AV ČR)__
DNA stores our genetic information. Mutations (Errors in our DNA) can produce cancer or external DNA via virus can induce some diseases. I will explain how fluorescent DNA could be used in the diagnostic for early treatment of diseases.

__Dissociative Electron Attachment: Breaking Stuff on the Quantum Level (Thomas Luxford, ÚFCH JH AV ČR)__
In this talk, I will discuss dissociative electron attachment, a process
which occurs when a molecule absorbs an electron to form an unstable negative ion, which fragments to form two or more stable species. I will give an overview of the science behind dissociative electron attachment and present some recent results from our lab.

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